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At Frupinsa we make high-quality food products for the agri-food sector and products with a high calorific value for the renewable energy sector, including biomass.

Graded almonds

Almond shells

Carob derivatives

High-quality products of fully Spanish origin

Most of the nuts we process come from farms in and around Terres de l’Ebre in southern Catalonia. We work with local farmers and manage farms with new cultivation techniques for carob and almond trees, Mediterranean species that are very common in this region. We are also registered with the CCPAE, which authorises us to offer organic almonds.

Our products can be sold in bulk or packaged in 1,000 kg big bags or paper bags on pallets to suit the customer’s needs.

At Frupinsa we produce, package and market graded chopped almonds for human consumption, almond shells as biomass, chopped carobs for animal feed and for confectionery and cooking in general and locust beans or carob seeds to make locust bean gum (E410), a highly-valued thickener and emulsifier which is used in the manufacture of ice creams, creams, sauces, etc.