Calibrated almonds

At Frupinsa we supply only graded almonds of fully Spanish origin.
A basic ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and ideal for making all kinds of foods and culinary creations, especially nougat, marzipan, cakes and pastries in general.

Our broad experience and know-how, together with our facilities, which incorporate the latest technology in the sector, enable us to offer high-quality almonds that are calibrated and free of impurities

We market the almonds packaged in 1,000 kg big bags and calibrated in the sizes required by our customers in the food sector. We offer both the traditional varieties of the country (common, marcona and largueta) and new varieties such as vairo, guara, Antoñeta, etc.

Organic almonds

We are also registered with the CCPAE (Catalan Organic Agricultural Production Council), which means we are authorised to supply organic almonds.

We have recently created our own brand of natural almonds packaged for the final consumer.

Taste the quality of our almonds!

Health benefits of the almond

The almond is the nut with the longest-standing tradition in Spain, which is currently the third largest producer in the world. Almonds are one of the basic foods in the Mediterranean diet. They are consumed alone as a snack or as an ingredient in an endless number of dishes and gastronomic products, and they are also a source of vegetable protein, healthy fats and calcium, among others:
  • RHalf of their content is made up of healthy fats that help to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. They provide us with unsaturated fats, which are very beneficial for the body.
  • RThey contain antioxidants (vitamins E and C) that are essential for combating the action of free radicals, substances responsible for certain degenerative diseases and ageing.
  • RDue to their group B vitamin content, they are suitable for relieving fatigue, stress and premenstrual syndrome. They contain folic acid, which is highly suitable for pregnant women and for a baby’s development.
  • RThey provide energy and fibre and contain low amounts of saturated fat.
  • RThey constitute a source of vegetable protein, antioxidants, vitamins and numerous bioactive substances such as flavonoids.
  • RThey also provide the body with magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and trace elements such as zinc and selenium.

A rich and healthy nut

Its health benefits have been more than proven in numerous studies, particularly the one conducted by PREDIMED, which shows that the consumption of nuts and dried fruits can lower the cholesterol in our blood and reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases by as much as 30%.
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