About us

Who we are

Frupinsa is a family-run company based in Roquetes (in the province of Tarragona) and its purpose is the shelling of almonds and the kibbling of carobs. It has more than 70 years of history and it’s currently run by the third and fourth generations of the Borràs family.


To contribute to the development of Terres de l’Ebre, monetising the work of the farmers in the area and transforming their agricultural yields into products suitable for consumption in an efficient and sustainable manner.


To remain the benchmark company for the farmers in the area and increase the relevance of the company in the domestic and international markets, with high-quality products and a willingness to adapt to the customer’s needs.


We have been at the forefront of the sector for four generations as a result of our firm values. We offer our customers and suppliers a friendly and personalised service while displaying integrity and thoroughness. We adapt to their needs by offering products of the highest quality that are available all the year round, in search of relationships based on trust and loyalty.


We currently have two industrial complexes:

The hundred-year-old headquarters located in Roquetes, over 11,000 m2 in size, which house the central offices, the section for the delivery, storage and processing of the almonds, IFS food certified and approved for work with organic almonds and registered with the CCPAE, and the section for the delivery, storage and processing of carobs.
The second complex is located on the Catalunya Sud industrial estate in Tortosa, where we have several buildings that house a plant for storing and processing almond shells for domestic heating as a substitute for pellets and for delivering and storing carobs.

Committed to our farmers

Every year we hold technology transfer seminars for producers, with pruning and handling courses conducted by technical experts from Crisolar, in addition to offering them a technical advisory service to maximise the yields of their crops.

Services for farmers

At Frupinsa we work side by side with the farmers, as they provide the source of our products and the quality and purity of the latter begins with them. We therefore provide a technical advisory service for their crops and we manage the agricultural subsidies for them.

We also provide a peeling and drying service for the almonds after they have been harvested and the option of depositing the products at our facilities for up to two years.

Frupinsa and the environment

Our company has great environmental awareness, as a result of which we apply strict recycling and reuse measures. At Frupinsa we generate biomass as a product in the industrial shelling process. We use it to generate the energy required for our processes and then recover it at our almond shell processing plant for domestic consumption.

On the roofs of the warehouses on the Catalunya Sud industrial estate there is a plant for generating photovoltaic electricity which we inject into the network, and all the farms we currently run are sustainably irrigated by means of solar pumping, in other words, we use solar panels to generate the energy required for their irrigation.

R&D projects

Throughout our history we have constantly invested to maintain our competitiveness within the agri-food sector, to comply with our high food quality standards and to achieve a final product free of any kinds of impurities. To do so we use machinery with the latest technology and a team of engineers and farmers experienced in the development of new cultivation systems, thus merging tradition with innovation.

On the Forcallet de Roquetes farm in Baix Ebre we are currently carrying out an R&D project to promote and improve carob tree cultivation in partnership with Tarragona Provincial Council and the EIG Association. This is a plot of land where we foster carob biodiversity for research into new and more profitable varieties.

We are a member of the EIG Association of Innovative Carob Companies and we are also registered with the CCPAE (Catalan Organic Agricultural Production Council).

Corporate social responsibility

In 2012 Frupinsa established a plan to improve its CSR based on the sustainable management code methodology within the framework of the Sustainable Rural Management project.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a consolidated value that has been incorporated into our business culture. Our CSR is based on sustainability, transparency and responsibility applied to the different stakeholders the company is related to, including our workers, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, consultancy firms, the public administration, the environment and society in general.

The practical application of CSR consists of implementing socially responsible measures in each of the vectors into which our business management is divided (economic, environmental and social). We apply CSR in the different areas and carry out the following actions:

Economic field

  • RWe place value on the natural resources of our territory.
  • RWe contribute to ensuring the continuity of the production of natural products and the maintenance of the farms in our territory.
  • RThe quality of our products and services constitutes a priority strategic goal.
  • RWe promote good business practices and corporate social responsibility via our organisation’s website.
  • RWe constantly invest in innovative machinery to improve the production process and to contribute to increasing the quality control of our products.

Environmental field

  • RWe have identified our environmental impacts.
  • RWe take actions to minimise and reduce them.
  • ROur aim is to go further than the legislation.
  • RWe apply measures to minimise and reduce water consumption.
  • RWe recycle our waste.
  • RWe reduce the generation of waste.
  • RWe reuse our waste.
  • RWe control the emissions of noise pollution generated by our company’s activity that affect our workers and the environment.
  • RWe control the emissions into the atmosphere generated by our company’s activity.
  • RWe apply measures that help to reduce energy consumption.
  • RWe have invested in the creation and production of a low-cost biomass product suited to all kinds of biomass-fired boilers.
  • RWe have invested in the installation of a photovoltaic power plant.
  • RWe have a manual on good practices in order to raise the awareness of the workers within our organisation.

Social field

  • RWe apply policies geared towards equal opportunities.
  • RWe encourage the participation of our organisation’s workers.
  • RWe support the reconciliation of our workers’ personal, family and professional lives.
  • RWith regard to our stakeholders (workers, customers, suppliers, the public administration, environment and society in general):
  • RWe have identified them.
  • RWe apply measures to evaluate their satisfaction.
  • RWe perform follow-up to detect, control and apply actions to remedy potential deviations.
  • RWe attempt to adapt to their new demands and needs.
  • RWe provide an advisory service for the farmers who supply us with agricultural products.
  • RWe have invested in a large warehouse for storing carobs to enable farmers without enough space to store them to do so in perfect maintenance conditions.