In June 2016 at Frupinsa we celebrated the hundredth anniversary of our factory and headquarters in Roquetes, where we carry out the activities of shelling almonds and chopping carobs, traditional Terres de l’Ebre products.

The celebration of the Frupinsa factory’s hundredth anniversary, which took place on Saturday, 4th June 2016, was attended by almost two hundred guests, including the mayors of Tortosa and Roquetes and other authorities, including José Daniel Cortijo, the President of the AECE (Ebre Region Business Association).

Before the party organised at our company’s facilities, the guests had the opportunity to visit our experimental almond and carob tree farms, where the engineers who run them explained the new varieties and the crop techniques used to increase and improve production. The attendees displayed a great deal of interest and asked the technicians several questions.

After a lunch with products characteristic of the area and carob and almond pastries, Josep Borràs, the administrator of Frupinsa, gave a short speech, during which he thanked the workers, customers and suppliers for their cooperation over the years and expressed his satisfaction with the recent incorporation of his son Miguel, the fourth generation of the family, into the company.

At Frupinsa we process and commercialise the almond and carob productions of nearly 2,000 farmers, thus enhancing their presence in the markets and ensuring that a significant part is exported. Over the last few years we have built a new warehouse and updated the machinery with cutting-edge technology. We also have a plant for biomass production with almond shells on the Catalunya Sud industrial estate.